The history of firm KALA elektro started in 1990. Mr. Vladimir Kalivoda - the founder, began business with electric installation works and production of distribution boards, which still is the main part of firm’s portfolio.

Gradual growth of the number of contracts and satisfied customers led to a capacity expansion and strengthening the position of the company on the market. Positive acceptance of the firm was well supported by the thorough usage of a new logo since 1995, which has been in use up to now.

Continuous development and progress of the firm brought a new business activity, selling measuring devices and working aids for electro technicians and also for other branches. Every year we present our firm at the annual exhibitions ELMAT in Kosice, EloSys in Trencin and many seminars for electric engineering.

In 2002 we launched KALA elektro, s.r.o. limited liability company in favor of our clients. In addition to the change of our status we made the offer of our services more complex. The current portfolio includes trade and services.

Our commercial activities include selling measuring devices for electric and non electric parameters, protective equipments for 0 to 420 kV, security tables and some electric installation materials. We are sales representatives for ESPA a.s. Pardubice, Metra Blansko, a.s., ILLKO, s.r.o. a DEHN+SÖHNE GMBH+CO.KG.

The services comprise of the production of distribution boards, electric installation, high and low voltage devices and revisions of electric devices.

The further progress of the company leads to a continual improvement of the work and providing top class services on professional level. These efforts correspond to the acquisition of the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 from the Swiss company SGS. Challenging demands of the market require forming partnerships and qualitative cooperation. Together with our partner we are ready to face even the most difficult tasks.